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Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Tennessee Laws Relating to Sexually Transmitted Diseases

For information regarding the current Tennessee laws relating to Sexually Transmitted Diseases, simply locate your area of interest and click on the topic:

39-13-108 Rules and regulations regarding transmission of HIV - Quarantine Violations
39-13-109 Criminal exposure to HIV - Defenses - Penalty
39-13-112 HIV testing for assault victims - Reporting - Payment for testing
39-13-516 Aggravated prostitution
39-13-521 HIV testing of persons convicted of sexual offenses - Release of test results
39-17-428 Mandatory minimum fines - Allocation of proceeds
41-21-107 Information recorded on reception
41-51-101 Protection against bloodborne pathogens
41-51-102 Exposure to infectious diseases by inmates
66-5-207 Liability for nondisclosure of communicable diseases or criminal acts on property
68-5-703 2007 Amendment to HIV Testing During Pregnancy
68-10-101 Reports of physicians and health officers
68-10-102 Notice to health officer of name and address of diseased person exposing others to infection
68-10-103 Printed instructions given patients
68-10-104 Officers to examine suspected persons and require treatment - Sources of infection to be investigated, State of Tennessee Consent Law for Minors
68-10-105 Infected persons isolated or quarantined to specified areas
68-10-106 Quarantine of infected persons
68-10-107 Exposure of others by infected person
68-10-108 Places for detention of infected persons
68-10-109 Rules and bylaws for control of sexually transmitted diseases
68-10-110 Arrest and temporary commitment for treatment authorized - Hearing - Examination -Appeal
68-10-111 Violation of chapter - Penalty
68-10-112 Definitions
68-10-113 Confidentiality of records and information
68-10-114 Knowledge of governmental persons regarding records
68-10-115 Immunity from liability for informing person of potential HIV infection
68-10-116 Exposure of law enforcement officer to hepatitis B or HIV virus - Testing of suspects
68-10-117 Possible exposure of emergency workers to airborne or bloodborne diseases - Testing
68-10-118 AIDS Centers of Excellence established - Committee membership - Terms - Compensation and reimbursement
0880-02-.14 Expedited Partners Therapy (pp. 45-46)

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