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Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners

Legislative Updates

Legislative Updates:Current through October 23, 2012

The complete text of the following Public Acts is available on the following website:

Board Specific Updates

Public Chapter 166- Provides that a prescription label for any legend drug for all patients shall contain an indication or indications for which the drug is being prescribed if the indication or indications are requested by the prescriber, patient or patient’s caregiver and the prescriber, patient or caregiver provides the indications to the pharmacist dispensing the drug.

Public Chapter 695 —  Revises certain provisions regarding appointments to the Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners.

Updates Applicable to All Boards

Public Chapter 340 -

Establishes the regulation of pain management clinics by the Department, authorizing the Department to grant, deny, renew and discipline a clinic license. A pain management clinic is defined as a privately-owned facility in which a medical doctor, osteopathic physician, advanced practice nurse and/or physician assistant who provide pain management services. Each pain management clinic must have a medical director who provides onsite supervision. On or before October 1, 2011, the Commissioner of Health, in consultation with the Board of Medical Examiners, the Board of Osteopathic Examination, the Board of Nursing, and the Committee on Physician Assistants, shall promulgate rules to implement the law.

Public Chapter 230 -

Provides that each health-related board shall establish a procedure to expedite the issuance of a license, certificate, or permit for an applicant who is certified or licensed in another state to perform the same profession that is the subject of the application; whose spouse is a member of the armed forces; whose spouse is the subject of a military transfer to Tennessee; and who has left employment to accompany the person’s spouse to Tennessee. The procedure shall include issuing the applicant a license, certificate, or permit if the licensure requirements in the other state are substantially equivalent to Tennessee’s requirements or developing a method to authorize the applicant to practice in Tennessee with a temporary permit in accordance with current law (T.C.A. §63-1-142).

Public Chapter 435 -

Provides that any governmental entity or private business or establishment that provides or offers a place of assembly or entertainment, transportation, lodging, dining, educational, medical or leisure activities or services, or any business or any establishment licensed by the State or any political subdivision thereof, or that is engaged in commerce in this State is strongly encouraged to post a sign indicating that certain information regarding the Tennessee human trafficking resource center hotline is in a location within the establishment that is visible to employees and the general public. The Department of Labor and Workforce Development shall provide the sign authorized by this section on its internet website for entities or establishments to print as needed.

Statutes and Rules


Statutes are proposed and made law by the Tennessee State General Assembly (Legislature). The Board, following specific notice requirements and hearings, adopts rules. Both have the force of law and may be used in the regulation of a profession. The statutes pertaining to this Board are found at T.C.A. 63-1 (Division of Health Related Boards) and T.C.A. 63-12 (Veterinarians).

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