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Vital Records Information System Management (VRISM)

Currently Undergoing Maintenance


Vital Records Information System
Stakeholder Information Resource

The Tennessee Department of Health has undertaken a project to upgrade the system our state uses to maintain death, birth, marriage, and divorce records.

The project, Vital Records Information System Management (VRISM), will result in a user-friendly system that allows for electronic communication between the Tennessee Office of Vital Records and those partners who help to register vital events that occur in Tennessee. The new system will be a web-based, electronic system and will replace the predominantly manual, paper-based process currently in use.

The new system will significantly reduce the time between the occurrence and registration of vital events. VRISM is expected to be implemented in stages over a five-year period. Death certificates will be implemented first, followed by Birth certificates, and then Marriage and Divorce certificates.

This web page will serve as a source of information for the public about the progress of the VRISM project.



For our partners in the vital records process
VRISM will provide:

User-Friendly, Electronic Access to Your Records

You will no longer have a need to purchase a separate software package.  Software, training and technical support will be provided by VRISM.  In addition, the latest version of Vital Record forms will always be available.  There will be no charge for this service; you will only need a computer with Internet access to participate. 

Fewer Errors

The system will immediately notify you of errors (including incorrect social security numbers).  This will reduce the number of records returned for correction and minimize the need for amendment processing to correct mistakes. 

Electronic Communication

The need to hand carry certificates to a medical certifier, medical examiner or county health department will be greatly reduced.  Instead, the VRISM system will transfer ownership of the record and allow you to track the progress.  When the record is complete, you will be able to sign and submit it electronically. 

For all Tennesseans
VRISM will provide:

Prompt Access to Certificates

The VRISM system will decrease the time it takes to register a vital event and increase the accuracy of the information registered.  This means that a social security check may arrive sooner, a newborn may be quickly added to a health insurance policy, a request for a passport may be submitted without delay, an insurance policy may be paid more promptly, etc

More Effective Government

VRISM will enable the State of Tennessee to more effectively address chronic health issues such as obesity, diabetes, smoking, cardiovascular disease, and infant mortality.  In addition, your government will be able to respond more quickly to a health crisis such as a pandemic or environmental hazard.  Immunization information will be distributed to the parents of newborns in a timelier manner.  Early detection programs for infants will result in earlier intervention, when problems are found.  Safety concerns will be exposed and therefore eliminated more promptly.

Fraud Prevention

Better control of vital events will help to prevent identity theft.

Latest News

September 26, 2011A contract has been signed with ManTech International, Incorporated to assist the Tennessee Department of Health with the VRISM project. ManTech has implemented their vital records software product, VRVweb, in Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Massachusetts, Arkansas and the United Kingdom.

March 24, 2011The Tennessee Department of Health released a Request for Proposals (RFP).  Proposals are expected to be received from several vendors of “off-the-shelf” Vital Records software.  It is anticipated that a contract will be signed with one of these vendors by late June of this year.  Implementation of the new Vital Records system will begin soon after a contract is signed.

September 21, 2010 - Tennessee Department of Health was awarded a grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  This grant, made possible through the Prevention and Public Health Fund created by the Affordable Care Act, was instituted to strengthen public health infrastructure.  The five-year grant will be used to fund the VRISM project.  More information on the Strengthening Public Health Infrastructure for Improved Health Outcomes grant can be found on the CDC web site at

Schedule of Events

Upcoming Schedule of Events

Proposed Schedule

Target Date

Implementation of Issuance and Death Modules

April 30, 2013

Implementation of the Birth Module

April 30, 2014

Implementation of the Marriage, Divorce and Fetal Death Modules

April 30, 2015

Did You Know?


The Tennessee Office of Vital Records records more than 90,000 births every year