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Communicable and Environmental Disease Services
Healthcare Forms

Reportable Diseases

Communicable diseases are easily spread from person to person. Prompt notification of a communicable disease can allow public health officials to locate and treat exposed persons, identify and contain outbreaks, and interrupt disease transmission. The information obtained from disease notification is also used to monitor disease trends, identify high risk groups, develop policy, and design prevention programs.



The information available on this website is intended for use by healthcare providers, laboratories, and public health professionals.

Healthcare Forms

Tennessee Department of Health AIDS forms

Tennessee Department of Health Reporting Form PH-1600 (requires Adobe Reader)

When printed, the form can be physically delivered, mailed, or faxed. If sending from a laboratory and desire to send results electronically, please see Laboratory Results Reporting. If needed, please contact TDH Communicable and Environmental Diseases and Emergency Preparedness at (615) 741-7247 or 1-800-404-3006 for more information.